How to tell if an INTJ likes you:


1. They ignore you on purpose.

2. They notice your existence.

3. They are being particularly nice towards you.

4. They interrupt their reading/writing/drawing/studying to talk to you.

5. They ask you to take Myers-Briggs.

6. They tell you you’re probably an INTJ (a compliment of the highest order)

7. You feel that they’re annoyed by you.

8.They tell you how you can improve aspects of your life.

9. They answer the phone.

10. They add your name to the list of those who will be spared when they rise to power.

11. They don’t fall asleep or daydream while you’re talking.

12. They make the effort to talk to you at all.

13. They listen carefully to you without interruption or disagreeing and in the end they smile at you.

14. They stalk you.

15. They smile.

16. They pay you a compliment of any kind.

17.They tell you about times they came up with a great plan and it worked.

18.They tell you about a time they actually felt something.

19.They’ll wonder why you were late for something.

20.They ignore you, think about you often, stalk you and wonder if you notice.

21. They try to act like a human around you.

22. You suspect that they like you.

23. You think that they are giving you rude glares whenever they look at you.

24. They put this list somewhere they hope you will find it.

25. They stare at you when you talk to them or whenever they have the chance.

26. They seem to ignore you, but in actuality they’re listening to everything you’re saying with heightened interest.

27. They analyze everything they say before they say it, and when they do manage to initiate a conversation, an awkward mess of words spills out.

28. They ridicule you in a sarcastic manner, but give your compliments for your ideas and genius a few minutes later.

29. They tell their friends how much of a prick, egomaniac, and self-centered fool you are when they’re oddly attracted to those qualities.

30. They can’t look at you while actually speaking to you despite the staring.

31. You can make them smile or laugh.

32.They recognize your existence.

33. They ask you an innocent, often technical question just to talk to you.

34. They dissect all the fools and idiots surrounding you.

35. They remember your name, even if they haven’t known you for a long time.

36. They try to demonstrate their mental abilities.

37. They give you more than a two word response.

38. They come alive when around you, but keep the conversation completely impersonal.

39. They give you carefully worded responses, intended to ensure the likelihood of continued interactions, whether online or in person.

40. You can make them act in a manner uncharacteristic of an INTJ.

41. They seem unsure of what to do around you.

42. They argue with you, let you (think you) win, and continue to talk to you afterwards in a friendly manner.

43.They bother explaining anything at all.

44. They start cutting back on the painful sarcasm.

45. They try (key word is try) to be funny without sarcasm.

46.They display weird behavior, then observe your response.

47. They take more than 20 seconds to respond to an IM.

48.They watch you when you aren’t looking like a fascinating science experiment or a puzzle.